Natalia models one of our sexiest bikini styles on the market. Our Micro Thong. So comfortable, you might almost forget you are wearing anything at all!! She pairs it with the Enhanced Cut Triangle Top. Her two-tone color choice of Ginger w.Brule is stunning. The Brule, a nude shiny fabric makes this bikini look even smaller than it is.

This is a fun suit, with Anchor holograms on it. Perfect for a Summer party, or just relaxing at the pool. This sweetheart cut is classy, and feels great on your skin!

White bikinis are always sexy. This two-tone White Micro bikini is super comfy and snug fitting so you will get noticed wherever you go. The bottom is double sided in the front for added protection, but be ware, wet white bikinis always stand the risk of becoming see-thru! Perhaps that’s why we love them so much!!!

This red with black trim looks absolutely gorgeous with Natalia’s light eyes and super blonde hair. This was one of her favorite bikini bottoms, the whaletail. It has a pucker back detail, but fits like a thong for added comfort.

There is no wonder why a black bikini is still the most popular selling color bathing suit. We love the combination of Black and Yellow. For a skin tone that is not quite tan, this is a great way to break up the colors but still look classically beautiful. This sweetheart cut, and special crystal trim totally fit the part!

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