NEW Photos – Our Hosted Party in Las Vegas!!

Many people have wondered how exactly you can become a Teeny Bikini Girl.
Well, it is really easy, and you do not have to be a professional model to give it a shot. A Teeny Bikini Girl is a TYPE of girl.

Now, you of course have to be sporting a TeenyB Bikini to make this page, but that is a lot easier than you think. There are many ways to participate on this website.

#1. Take and Submit photos of yourself wearing your TeenyB wherever you are. Once you submit them, you will be contacted with further model release information and then we will build a page around you!

#2. Do a test shoot. Submit your application on our MODEL PAGE at This is a great way to practice your skills, let our great photographers get a chance to work with you in person (as well as you can test out our bikinis to see which one you like.) Doing test shoots gives us the opportunity to scout YOU for future shoots. They can be boating, parties, beach modeling, even catalog modeling on our Storefront Site (

Once we meet you in person, it is a lot easier to invite you to our events, and network! All of our test shoot models get a FREE bikini too! Many of these bikinis are NEVER SOLD online. That is always a plus for many girls because they like to be different and knowing their bikini is one of a kind – is a big seller.

Every shoot you do, you get a free bikini!

And finally – you can have the pleasure to meeting us at a party. While many parties we throw are CLOSED EVENTS, every so often we do a public one. Like this party below.

We went to Las Vegas and hosted a party – where we gave out FREE bikinis to any girl who wanted to wear one! How cool is that? So if you want to be part of TeenyB and Teeny Bikini Girls, email us today! Submit your photos or just stop by and say ‘Hi’

Now, please enjoy a few sample photos from the Vegas Rehab Party

A natural Teeny Bikini Girl - We love her bikini choice!!!
A few local Tampa girls!! What are the odds??
Teeny Bikini Girl looks HOT in a Whaletail Thong Bikini bottom

Teeny Bikini Girl rocking a Lolita BikinI!!

If you want to view all of the photos from this party – Click here to check our our Full Gallery.
(also located under Events & Parties) TITLED: Las Vegas Party – July 08 @ Rehab

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