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A few tricks to prepare for an upcoming photo shoot…

Monday, September 14th, 2009

We always love to give girls an opportunity to do some modeling with us.
#1. We love photography and to help girls expand their portfolio. We also love to see their faces when they are so excited with the shots we get.

#2. We like meeting new people, this is especially good for when we throw our parties – to get a nice mix of interesting people.

#3. This is a great way for us to get a chance to expose girls to stylish, great fitting, luxury bikinis!

If you have booked a photo shoot with us, or are planning on doing a photo shoot with ANYONE in the future – we would like to give a few tips and tricks to put yourself into great shooting condition.

If you can avoid alcohol – do it! Drink plenty of water.

Moisturize your skin. If necessary go get a spray tan so your skin tone is nice and even. (We do not recommend tanning out in the sun, as this will age you over time, but a spray tan is a easy way to get a lovely glow without the damage!) Just do not tan ON the day of your photo shoot – because it will get all over the products and merchandise you are modeling.

Show up on time. If you want to be a professional model – act professional. If you ARE running late, call. It is as simple as that.

Practice your poses and faces in front of the mirror. Know what you think you like, this will help when working with a new photographer. (Though also trust them if they give suggestions, many times they are looking at something totally different thru their camera lens.) We love to study pictures we find inspiring on a regular basis. This keeps our creativity and ideas fresh in our mind.

Have fun! When you are relaxed and having fun, your photos will show it. It is the most important aspect of modeling. Enjoy what you are doing!

Good luck for all new and aspiring models, and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you soon!