White Hot in this sexy two piece white bikini shirk and knotted top. It is matte and double sided for added protection, but really pops on tanned skin!!!
A brazilian bottom sits underneath this shirred skirt which will keep people guessing all day long!! Don’t worry though, this style is meant to be “cheeky” in the back…show off your bum, after all, it IS a bikini!!!

This lively orange/yellow color called Crocus is always a hit. Watch the sun capture the Swarovski Copper Crystals and make everyone around you stare with envy.

Playful, Pink, Two-tone and Micro! Is there any better combination for a bikini?? We don’t think so.

A most minimal bikini bottom is Micro Teeny Thong. Pink Leopard with Planet trim is subtle and not too bright for this over-the-top, yet barely there bikini bottom!

Royal Blue Brazilian Bikini Bottom and Triangle Top Set is classic, playful, comfortable and designed to not ride up your back. This is our favorite Brazilian Bikini Bottom design out there!

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