Stephanie just glows in this suit. A baby pink leopard w.Planet trim. Her classic cut triangle top and low cut, double sided-full pucker butt bottoms make her torso look a mile long. While this bikini is not currently available on the site for sale now, it will be in about 2 weeks.

Our shirred skirt is fun and flirty. It has a built in Brazilian cut bikini bottom to give you the comfort to jump and play around while not showing a thing. The knotted top fits the shirred style perfectly. The braided ties really add to the playfulness of this outfit.

Stephanie loved this Teal hologram suit trimmed in white. It was a special edition suit only available to our models. She gladly chose this suit as her trade for the day. We think she chose perfectly, it matches her skin tone and piercing eyes perfectly!

She really loved modeling this suit because it is in the spirit of her favorite football team – And last years Superbowl Champions – the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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